kimeriolethia (kimeriolethia) wrote in adventchildren_,

Here's some interesting updates.

First: New Scans!!

I never get tired of staring at my smexy Cloud/Reno/Sephy *drools*

Scan 1

Scan 2

Scan 3

Scan 4

Second: On the Way to a Smile

I've looked through and it doesn't seem that anybody's commented. Well apparantly, Square Enix is keeping with their newly created tradition of tricking FF7 out all over town with this latest addition to the compilation (though I'm not sure if it's officially considered apart of the compiliation but whatever).

On the Way to a Smile is a novel, written by the guy who's wrote the script for VII and AC, which recounts the events that happened between FF7 and AC. It'll be updated in episodes. The first one seems to feature Denzel, and what happened when Avalanche destroyed Sector...was it 7?

Anyway, take a look, and don't skimp on the comments/critique!

Episode 1-1
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