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New Advent Children trailer script

Square-Enix Party was Square-Enix's very own show to display their games and products. A new Advent Children trailer was shown featuring a lot of new footage.

[Kadaj is shown talking to the wheelchair person]

Kadaj: ...He's coming back...
WCM: ...Sephiroth, our nightmare

[Vincent and Cloud are shown talking by the lake]

Vincent: Heaven's dark harbinger... Jenova

[Kadaj speaks to the children]

Kadaj: Mother gave me a special power... a power to fight against this planet, this planet that tortures [it's] people

[Tifa and Cloud talking]

Tifa: I understand, even if we find the children there might not be anything we can do. This might be another thing we can't undo... That's what you're scared of, isn't it? ... But you've got to learn to accept what's now... accept everything
Cloud: I don't think I can save anyone.... Not family, not friends. No one...

[Scene with Cloud and the Buster Sword. A wolf is shown behind the sword]

[Flashback of the Sephiroth Nibelheim scene. Apparently this has been completely redone from the original version shown in previous trailers]

[Kadaj and wheelchair person speaking]

WCM: What's your goal?
Kadaj: We need Mother's power... For the Reunion, no matter what.

[A bloodstained ShinRa ID falls to the floor]

[Loz and Tifa fighting in the church. Loz apparently throws a rock, and Tifa smashes it]

[Tifa stares at Loz, but he disappears (doing some kind of super-high speed movement) and suddenly appears behind Tifa. He smiles]

[Cloud and Aerith are talking standing in a field of flowers]

Aerith: You came... Even though you're about to break
Cloud: Forgiveness, I think... Yeah, I want to be forgiven

[Kadaj and Cloud in Forgotten Capital]

Kadaj: I knew you'd come!
Cloud: I'm here for the kids
Kadaj: You see this man? This is our brother. But it's such a shame... he's a traitor.

[Yazoo and Loz are shown fighting Cloud]

[Some quick scene changes occur]

Marlene: Why won't you listen to us?
WCM: Ex-SOLDIER... Cloud
Vincent: Is this about the fight/fighting?
Tifa: Did we lose to a memory?

[Tunnel battle with Cloud, Loz and Yazoo]

Kadaj: Well, how about... we put an end to this?

[Kadaj casts a spell and summons Bahamut]
[City folk are running around trying to escape Bahamut]
[Reno and Rude save some kids]
[Reno and Rude fighting Loz and Yazoo]
[Yazoo dodges Reno's attacks with ease]
[Reno is thrown back by a blast]

[Cloud flies up to Bahamut]
[Bahamut opens it's mouth and fires a Flare at Cloud, when it hits him, Cloud hears a woman's voice from inside the blue light]

Woman: ...Let's go, Cloud

[A woman's hand takes Cloud's]

[Kadaj, jumping from the top of a building, drops something and tries to get it back? Stretching his arms out as he falls]

Kadaj: Mother!

[Reno and Rude are shown on a highway holding something that looks like an explosive]

[Cloud and Kadaj are shown fighting]

Kadaj: So I'm just a puppet... but then so were YOU!

[Kadaj shoots off a magic blast, Cloud jumps up and attacks him. They fight on a dome-type ruin, the airship appears]

[Cloud and Sephiroth are shown fighting on the dome-shaped ruin. Cloud speaks to Sephiroth standing at the top of the dome]

Cloud: What is it you want?

Sephiroth, Masamune in left hand, raises his right hand high into the air. A swirling thing starts to appear around him, gradually growing and growing until it's huge]
[Rubble crumbles inside this giant cyclone. Cloud and Sephiroth fight it out in-between the rubble]

Cloud: What's going to happen to the planet?
Sephiroth: That... will be for you to decide

[Denzel and Marlene in a house, holding hands and looking out of a window]

Denzel: ...Cloud's coming back, right?

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