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I posted this in ff7_doc but I haven't posted in here for a very long time, so I thought I would and bring some information with me to.

The official site for DC has been updated with character profiles, wallpapers and a story section.

I've found some translations for the story and characters pages.


From here, a hunt is taking place over the entire world. For the worthless prey, massacre and atrocities are planned...

Three years after Final Fantasy VII, a mysterious group suddenly surfaces to raid a town. They are a group of soldiers known as the Deep Ground Soldiers (DG Soldiers), trapped under Midgar due to the Meteor disaster.

A main character of the original game, Vincent Valentine, personally has some connection with this series of events, but the reason is unknown. What awoke in the underground in these three years? And what is the tragedy that is beginning? When the world is engulfed by darkness, his handgun will play the dirge...

"It's the beginning of the end..."

Vincent Valentine
When the Shin-Ra Company was still known as Shin-Ra Manufacturing Works, he was a gunman for the Turks. His body was remodeled by Shin-Ra's mad scientist, Hojo, and he went to sleep in a coffin in the Shin-Ra Mansion, but three years ago he went together with Cloud's group and saved the world.

On an invitation from Reeve, Vincent visits the Kalm Revival Festival. There, he is met with the raid by the Deep Ground Soldiers. Beginning with this attack, tragic love from a time long ago and his own mysterious past come to light...

Cait Sith
Speaking in his unique accent, he's a self-proclaimed fortune-telling robot.

To see the outcome of his predictions, he went with Cloud's group on their journey, but he was really a spy controlled by Reeve of the Shin-Ra Company's Department of Urban Development. Soon, he was moved by the actions of Cloud's group, and he eventually became a double agent as well as a reassuring, active companion. After the collapse of the Shin-Ra Company, his double acts as member of a private organization which helps regenerate the Planet, known as the World Regeneration Organization (W.R.O.).
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