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WCM and The Removal of the Bedsheet. TM.

Greetings and general ‘yo’s! Since introduction posts are awful and excruciatingly repetitive, I shall attempt to say in one sentence what a brilliant marvellous community this is, and how generous so many of you are with various downloads and trailers, and how, if it was possible, I’d attempt to both have and clone all of your babies.
There, I've said it; we can all breathe a simultaneous sigh of relief and move on.

I apologize if everyone has made a point of the following, but I found it interesting and no other fair soul has mentioned it, so I’ve decided to flap around for a bit and ramble with it, happily assuming that I may not be the only duck in the metaphorical pond.

Insert multiple fans chorusing, “Well, duh.”
I was stopping and starting on the latest trailer at various intervals, and it took about three back clicks to register that you do indeed see half of Rufus in the trailer. Yes, I do realize that it’s exceedingly obvious, because woah-there-is-a-gigantic-blanket-flick-and-everything, but I tend to spend from about 1:49 onwards hysterically cackling about the fact Cloud can fly, and have constantly missed Rufus’ debut more than a dozen times. For the record, my brain never really wanted to contemplate the blanket-flick and subconsciously assumed that someone was washing bed sheets.

In exceedingly slow motion:

For those who need a second paused glance:

Well, as we can see, Kadaj pretty much goes from a severely apprehensive expression to what is Kadaj!speak for (and I quote): ‘Oh-My-God-What-The-Fuck’. On a deranged note, I must say that it suits him, and he should really keep the adorably confused expression for later use – preferably when Sephiroth does a dramatic return and proceeds to chase him around for the rest of the movie, screaming about headless mothers and sword-copyrights. [1]

Judging by the OMGWTF moment, and despite how pretty and layered Rufus' silhouette hair seems to be, it seems that he hasn’t come out all that brilliantly from the explosion, although his lips seem to have kept a youthful vitality that Sephiroth himself is yet to master. There is also a bandage covering over at least one eye (unless he’s wearing a bloody big headband), so that doesn’t fair well for our resident princeling president-ling. It’s also quite surprising he’s wearing bandages after two years and not an eye-patch, but as I’ve failed nearly every single one of my Biology exams for five-years running, I’m not an authority on the subject.
He’s looking extremely good in the coat and pristine suit, I must say.

This then leads us to wonder if we'll get to see his face at all in the final version, or will he too suffer a near terminal case of Facless-Wonders? (RE: Aeris, who also has a set of lovely pouty lips. Why must they torture us so?)

Any thoughts? Anyone who noticed it the first time around and is complete shock that I unfortunately did not? Anyone who, like me, was too busy cackling over Cloud’s aero dynamic skills and, a moment later, lusting over Cloud’s gorgeous mode of transportation? To be completely fair, there's so much going on in this trailer that it does take quite a few sittings to actually comprehend what is actually happening . Even then!

(Apologies for the exceedingly random nature of the post, and I’ve hopefully enlightened someone, even if it is just someone's FFVII-obsessed gold-fish.)


[1] I'm so sorry to have to mention this, but does anyone else break into near psychotic laughter when Sephiroth is doing his fly-on-the-wall routine at the end of the trailer? By the odd look Cloud develops, I’m fairly sure he agrees with me. Or he's squinting oddly.
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