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Ahhh, the good old...waiiiiiit...

So, we all remember playing FFVII. And replaying it.

Now, look at the fandom. Look at -us-... and look at SE selling itself out to us shamelessly.

I'm not saying that I am unhappy with the way that SE is enhancing the character's, since they were a bit... flat in the game (No, not their chests >P).

Cut for my own opinions, length and possible spoilers...?

On Cloud:

Now, this boy just says "wtf" all over him. Remember when you first popped in the disk and actually thought he was a reliable narrator? Then remember when he screwed you over by going crazy and letting you know his memory SUCKED. Yeah. So do I. And if you didn't, you were just more observant than me. First, he's blonde, "manly" and dresses in drag to save his potential girlfriend.

We can all thank Cloud for the beginning of the blonde haired heroes. (Cloud, Tidus, Vaan?Van?Ban?Baan?WhateverhisnameFFXII is.) We can also thank him for lending his hairstyle so nicely to the polygons. Yay.

Personally I see Cloud as a loser. I mean, not like I don't like him. He was my favorite character for years. But take the Zack part of his personality away and I see him a bit unsure of himself, a big dreamer and naive. Also, some self-esteem issues, since it seems like he's failed at everything. Of course, this is only going off of what the game gives us, which is partially CLoud's perspective... meeeeep.

Which makes us wonder about Zack... at least, made me wonder about Zack, a lot.

Another note about Cloud, and romance. While it seems that he has several options, it never seems like he commits. I don't see the Tifa/Cloud at all. Sure, they were friends and sure there are some lines, but it just isn't there. Besides, didn't she totally neglect him as a child? On the Aeris/Cloud... well, I feel if there was anything there, it was spillover from Zack. But I might just be biased. On Cloud being gay... well... X3 take you're own look at that.

On ShinRa:

Yeah, I'm lumping them all together. There's the Turks, SOLDIER...suits, whatever. ANYWAY. If you remember the Turks from the game they were... somewhat flat. Really, I have no idea where all the great personality that the fandom gave them came from, but wow. And SE totally sold themselves to us on that X3. I disliked the Turks at first, actually ^-^; but now I'm a devoted obsessee.

Also, even if their personalities were there...they certainly aren't as cool as they've turned out to be. REmember Tseng and the helicopter at the blowing up at the Pillar? Ugh. So bad ><

Of ShinRa as a whole, the suits had the best personalities. They were so distinct, and kinda cool. Reeve, Scarlet, Heidegger, Palmer and Rufus I felt were the most fleshed out. We know suspect WHM as being Rufus, but I hope the other ShinRa employees will show up.

Who is Rufus' mother? I am curious.

...ok. I'm done.

Actually, now that I look at it, this post is pointless.

BUT, how about, leave a comment and talk about how you see the various FFVII characters?
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