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Square-Enix showed the latest Advent Children trailer behind closed doors. The trailer is much the same as the one that was on the GameSpot website, but with new footage towards the end.

New footage of Sephiroth is shown after he comes down to face Cloud. He can bee seen standing with the camera panning from his boots upwards [much like in Kingdom Hearts], until a front view of him is shown.

New trailers on Dirge of Cerebus, Crisis Core and Before Crisis were also shown. The Dirge of Cerebus trailer shows the return of some FFVII characters including Yuffie, Cid and Barret, as well as the ever familliar Highwind. The Crisis Core trailer is in much the same style as Before Crisis and depicts a more anime style of the characters, mainly focusing around Zack but also including scenes of Sephiroth.

- Sephiroth says the words "It's been a long time. Cloud" after he decends.
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