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FF VII: AC release date

According to this article posted in FF7 AC Reunion, the release date of AC is going to be September 14, 2005. (Note: article below was translated from Japanese to english by a computer translater)



  < God 羅 sight renewal! As for FF7AC 9/14 sale decisions! >
At God 羅 sight renewal and Nomura comment FF7AC September 14th sale and publication! How from ャンプ 24 of super surprise and 5/16 sales the " God 羅 sight " being similar first, sale day was published! New

< From God 羅 sight comment part excerpt >

Nomura announces " the sale day of FF7AC with the God 羅 sight 9/14 " is.

Usually edition 4,800 Yen (including tax) in estimate
Price of limited edition is undecided.
At weekly jump of 5/16 sales it releases the up-to-date picture.

4 months after! Already there is no 100% postponement! As for quality proper way mono in enormous thing! Destined for sale the various events in the midst of preparation! However " when there is a stealing 撮, screening becomes difficult and/or " with points also the nail when * & * everyone stealing 撮, it echos in the various events and movie screening, it does not do, don't you think? the sea urchin be sure to protect.

[ Relation ] God 羅 company sight

< [ Rumor ]: As for FF 7 AC the Japanese-American simultaneous sale? Other DCFF7 article, FF12 real starting? >
In jump 24 sale day of FF7AC 9/14 and statement. When (the Japanese-American simultaneous sale in order to be to be stated, is) also the article of the DCFF7 is published, with thing and the how this article genre " of the DCFF7 " is ascertained. The " cancer/gun action RPG " it seems, is. In addition, it seems that the girl of the ket * sea and puzzle appears in the character. Sale day * price is undecided. Furthermore, statement of real starting there to be also a FF12, rumor.


Source: FF7 AC Reunion
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