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Fanfiction Exchange

Hello everyone ^_^.

I'm trying to organize a Final Fantasy fanfiction exchange, and since something like this needs participants above all else, I thought I'd try to find some here. (As far as I have seen, the rules don't say anythings against this kind of post, but if for some reason it isn't alowed, please inform me and I'll remove the entry.)

So, what's this ff exchange about?
Well, you make a request on what you would like to read, and one of the other participants will write "your" fanfic. In exchange, you'll write a fic for someone else.

Can I choose what request I want to write for?
Basically, yes. Once everyone has signed up, you can pic a request you want to write for, but I can't promise you that you'll get it. I'd like to see all requests answered, so you might have to write a fic that wouldn't be your first choice. (Though as you can see in the form below, you can state a few things you don't want to write under any circumstances) It's a challenge, after all.

When do I have to sign up/pic a request/finish the fic?
You can sign up until May, 6th (A list with all requests will go up at May, 8th)
Please state your fav. request until May, 12th
You'll get the request you'll write for until May, 15th
Finish the fics until June, 26th. That should be enough time, I think.

So, how do I actually join?
Oh, that's simple enough ^_^. Just fill out the following form and post it as a coment to this entry.

__ D a t a
Place where you're going to post the fic (Preferably on LJ, but anything else is fine, as long as everyone can access the site)
E-mail (I have to know how to contact you, right?)

__ R e q u e s t
Which Final Fantasy? (Anything from FF4 up to FFX-2 is fine, including AC, Tactics, and Tactics Advance)
Characters? (Name up to three characters you want in your fic)
I want... (Name two or three things you'd like to see in the fic. Maybe there's a specific place or a sentence, or maybe a genre you'd like?)
I don't want... (Same as above, just the opposite ^.-)
About pairings (If you specifically want het, yaoi and/or yuri, state it here)

__ L i m i t a t i o n s
I can write... (Tell me which Final Fantasys you can write for)
I can't write (Is there anything you can't or don't want to write at all? Like, you won't write a specific pairing, or anything rated NC-17? Tell me ^^;)
Could you be a back-up writer? (I hope I won't need (too man) of) these, but anyway. If someone drops out after s/he signed up and got his or her request, I'll need someone to write for the open request. So, in this case, would you be willing to write more than one fanfiction? I can't do this alone, really.)

If there are any questions left, please mail me at MudoSara[at]gmail[dot]com
Well, I hope that some people will be interested in this at all ^.^;.

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