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Stupid question about Aerith

Okay, so I'm a new member. Don't have much else to report so I thought I might as well throw out a stupid question. Spoilers from the game ahead...

Okay, so Aerith. What do you think her role will be in advent children. Some memories that Cloud has to deal with? Something in his mind, spurring him forward? Or does this all have something to do with the Promise(d?) Land and how at the end of the game, Cloud said that he think he knew how/where to meet her?

Personally, I want Aerith's involvement to be minimal, since I was never a fan of hers in the game. But I know that sentiment is pretty much in the minority when it comes to final fantasy fans. Which brings me to another question. Now keep in mind I'm not trying to step on anyone's beliefs. If you like Aerith, than that's great. She's a very lovely character, I'm just not too much of a fan.

But I've recently come to the decision that Aerith may in fact be a mary sue. I know, don't try to kill me or anything (or go ahead if you want, I can take it) but just hear me out.

1) She's gorgeous - but then all square females are
2) She's the cheerful girl (which is ridiculous, since her parents were killed, she lived as a lab rat almost since the day she was born, escaped only to be chased down by her captors Shinra for possibly a decade, and lived most of her life in a nearly inhabital shit-hole) able to melt the heart of the angsty hero
3) Gets the angsty hero to fall for her (or at least to like her a lot, I don't want to start any NO HE LUBED TIFA/NO HE LUVVVED AERITHS!fights)
4) Has the omgwtf special heritage
5) Has the omgwtf special mysterious power
6) Gets into trouble, a lot
7) Makes friends with EVERYONE
8) Dies to save the world

Okay, so she seems to have everything down in terms of what makes a Mary Sue. If a character like that was written in a fanfic, it'd be sporked on any self respecting mary sue sporking community. And yet Aerith has such an insane following it's...well, insane. Even the fact that square will not release a full image of Aerith's face shows that they too know how popular a character she is.

So what's the difference between a fanon Mary Sue (an Mary Sue written as an OC in some fandom) and a canon Mary Sue (a Mary Sue already a character in some fandom, like Aerith or Rinoa). Are people willing to forget a character's Sueishness just because she or he is an official character? Or is Aerith even a Mary Sue? I don't know, maybe I have it completely wrong.

Oh well. Either way I do hope to see her in Advent Children. Not much, though, but oh well.

And I assure you I'm not trying to start a fight, just a healthy discussion. But I know how touchy some people are when it comes to Aerith, so if you want to kill me, again feel free. Just make it quick.

PS - this layout is absolutely amazing
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