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Teh Reno

As if we didn't know that Square was simply whoring our devotion out to the money-grubbers.

But this post is dedicated to THE RENO. Yes, the redhead in my icon with the tongue, and the stick, sometimes referred to as "That shock thingy" by many a person I know. The fanon Reno, which we are all very familiar with seems to have taken over the FFVII industry. Well, not industry, but like... what I mean is, replaying FFVII, the Reno in there is NOT the same Reno featured in BC and AC.

From what you, the player, gets to see of him. Sure he's a bit dishevled looking, but not nearly the tongue-sticking-outage-bish we see now. All in all though I have to say I think the Turks developed more personality.

However...I like the change, but it is so fanon... >< and that is just weird to think of for me. Perhaps I'm wrong, and well... yeah. But... jeezus.

Also, glad Rude turned out handsome. He always looked a little squashed in fanart to me ._.
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