-+- c a d e n c e -+- (paper_fireflies) wrote in adventchildren_,
-+- c a d e n c e -+-

Fine, I'm being generous today. XP

Alright, more fanart links for the hungry, rabid fans! XDD Yay!! WOOT! AC is coming out in May 2005!! XP Yeah, and yadda...LOL

http://www25.big.or.jp/~time-p/index.html <--she does really cute Sora and Cloud piccies! >3<~~

http://n-chaos.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ <-- this one is really cute, spiffy, and Nomura-sama like/DBZ-ish style. XP psst...they also have a piccie of Cloud, Seph, Vincent and the rest of the males in dresses! LMAO!

http://ffact.com/ <--beautiful illustrations! ^^ However this site hasn't been updated in a while...*sniff* still, there is art to "ah" over. XP

and that's when my generosity ends...stay tuned. Oh, and if you need help navigating these Japanese sites, just ask! XP
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