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Hey, thanks everyone for your offers! ♥ There's A LOT of stuff that needs to be done...>___<;; ai, maybe I'm asking too much...^^;;

If you want, you could choose something from the list and help. If not, any suggestions for the site?

Project: http://silvershadow.senrisu.net/x______ff7.html

>>EDIT: Email submissions to elfmagicgis@hotmail.com

>>EDIT 2: Okay. I just wanted to make this clear that it is NOT MANDATORY that you assist. It is entirely up to you. I don't want to waste any of your time. This fansite was meant to be a tribute to AC from the fans. I'm not asking everyone to participate. Sections are not exactly major, except for the information on the movie itself. The fan section is what I define as the "Release it out and share your opinions!" or "Are you bored? Need some energy?". Ai, I'm not saying that it it unimportant or anything. This section is entirely optional. If you positively WANT to share something, cool. If not, I'm fine with that. Okay? I just wanted to clarify a bit more. Anyways, peace!

>>EDIT 3: Sorry, this post is getting longer...O____O;; Just added two jobs. I might need some extra expertise. XP Also, some clarification...character bios can be set up in any way. Yeah, like a free-for-all. XP Since it IS a tribute/fan collab. lol
(Have something to share?)

- essays/opinions
- theories
- fanart, fanfics (recommendations are welcome too! ^^)
- comical stuff: fansites, writing, pics, etc.
- etc.

Character bios:
- any of the major FF7 characters. (If you obsess over a character, maybe you could write a thoughtful bio for me. ^^)

- Reno topazeyes
- Tifa dissasterific
- Vincent notanairplane
- Yuffie meteor
- Zack shuugasmer

Aye, characters left undone shall be written by me as well as AC characters. If you want to do one, just ask! XP

- splash (eh...I changed my mind..^^;;)
- character pics (vertical style)
- button (1 or 2) dissasterific & shuugasmer

hehe...I don't have photoshop anymore...><;;;

- editor
- html expert (if I get stuck...)

and that's it...for now...^^;; I'll speak up if anything's new...lol
Thanks, everyone! ♥
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