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Observations on the 3rd and 4th trailers…

After watching the third and fourth trailers over and over again (to get screenshots for icons and wallpapers) and then messing with them in Photoshop, I noticed some stuff…

On Tifa’s desk in the third trailer there are some kind of info sheets with pictures on them… I tried making the image clearer but it didn’t work too well. =/ I think that the three papers have images of men on them…

Also on Tifa’s desk there is a photograph in a frame… in the photo (from left to right) is Cloud, Denzel, Tifa and Marlene. To the right of the framed picture is another one that looks like it’s taped to the wall/side of the desk. I couldn’t clear it up very well, but I think it may be a picture of Zack…

And the “bag” that Kadaj has when he’s sitting on the bike is not a ‘bag’ at all. It’s some kind of metal container. I think that somehow the container got damaged and that’s what you see when he looks down and you see his face from inside the container.

And this is what gets me the most… Everyone knows that Denzel is the little boy, right? Well, in most of the third and forth trailers he has normal eyes. But when it gets to the part with the crowd of kids standing around Kadaj while he’s talking/ranting… and after Cloud drives up and sees Denzel there… Denzel has cat-like eyes. Just like Kadaj does. O_O!

I have no idea how Denzel’s eyes got like that unless either Kadaj somehow changed Denzel’s (and maybe the other kids) eyes, or maybe it has something to do with that disease… “Star Scar Syndrome” I think it was called, if I’m remembering right… (I’ve been out of touch with FFVII:AC news for a while >_>;; )

Anyway, If Kadaj did cause the eye-change-thing, maybe it happened when he started to emit those weird light-wave-thingies. Also, it’s very possible (IMO) that Kadaj's changing kids is where (partly?) the “SSS” comes from. I donno. >_>;

Oh! And a friend of mine watched the trailers too and she says that the voice at the end of them (Sephiroth?) Says “I won’t be just a memory.” If this is true… *suppresses the urge to squeal like a fan-person* Then that ups the chances that Sephiroth will be alive in FFVII:AC. *__*
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