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Crisis Core, FFVII compilation related

This isn't about AC-- but it's about Crisis Core, which many of you may know about. (Information seems to be scarce however.) But, it IS new motivation for a really good job.

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII

Title: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Platform: Sony PSP
Type: Action Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Release: Early 2006
Price: Undecided
Producer: Yoshinori Kitase
Director: Hajime Tahata
Design: Tetsuya Nomura

"..As previously mentioned, the PSP will have a 4.3-inch 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD screen, which displays 16.77 million colors on a 480x272-pixel high-resolution screen ... On the audio side, the PSP will feature built-in stereo speakers in addition to a headphone jack." The PSP will feature an array of connectivity options. It will support USB 2.0 for wired connections to the PlayStation 2 and PC and will employ 802.11b wireless LAN to connect to other PSPs and wireless devices. New software and data can be downloaded from the PSP to a Memory Stick Pro Duo. It will also allow for IR Remote (SIRCS) and IrDA infared connections.

Inside the PSP, the device will have a 333MHz PSP CPU proprietary to Sony. It will have 32MB of main memory and 4MB of embedded DRAM. Its built-in lithium-ion battery will have a life of 2.5 hours with video and 10 hours if used for audio playback only. For media, the PSP will use Sony's new Universal Media Disc (UMD), which can hold up to 1.8GB of data, three times that of a conventional CD-ROM.

Let's guess how much one of these little precious machines will cost. Four hundred? Five?
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