January 24th, 2010

Looking for FFAC roleplayers

Hi everyone,

We are looking for FFAC roleplayers! We currently have a Kadaj reserved, and it would be really great if we could get his brothers as well. Of course, it would also be really wonderful to have Cloud, Sephiroth, Vincent, Zack, Tifa, Aerith, or anyone else from the FF7 franchise join us, too!

Kannagara is a panfandom game set in the ancient, mystical realm of the Shinto gods, where dreams and gods collide. Your character will have the ability to not only experience the dreams of other characters, but can also experience their worlds. As the world of Kannagara is a fluidly changing microcosm, from time to time, it will slide between different panfandom worlds. One week, your character will be in Kannagara. The next, they might be in Midgar -- in the world of Final Fantasy VII.

Your character will find themself in a dimension that exists within the realm of the gods. The gods are unhappy with the state of humanity and have brought your character from any point within their canon into this world with the intent to teach your character a lesson about harmony. However, even the gods have a history of struggle with harmony -- wars have been fought, oppressions have occurred, and unjust actions have led to the fall and even deaths of some gods.

Your character will be arriving in a world caught between two opposing classes of deities: the ruling deities of the Celestial Plains, and the fallen gods and oni of Yomi. As your character struggles to understand why they have arrived in this world, they will find themselves caught -- and even torn -- between the two opposing forces that control the sacred space of Kannagara.

The game will be restarting on January 31st and reserves are now open.

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