March 4th, 2009

East of Valhalla - A Final Fantasy VII RP

"It is not only the living who are killed in war."

The world exists now in a state of unease. Omega has been destroyed to prevent its ascent into the heavens and with it the lifeblood of our beloved Planet. We did this out of necessity to save our world, but do we even know the extent of that which we have done? In our very nature, we have turned on that which has given us life and nourished us.

We have treated Her blindly and selfishly, have taken from Her without remorse or apology.

With our inventions and our ambitions, we have pinned Her down and violated Her.

In our shortsightedness and greed, we have scarred our Planet through and through.

For years, the Planet has wept as we forced our will upon Her, but now She weeps no longer. She sees what we have done to Her defenders, and now to the one meant to deliver Her back into the cosmos. Her sorrow has quelled, giving way to anger, then rage. Holy forgave Gaia's prodigal children once, but they have now wasted that chance. They have fallen too far from grace.

She cannot forgive them. She cannot bear this pain any longer.

valhallarp is a Final Fantasy VII post Dirge of Cerberus RolePlayGame that explores the series' darker side.

Reservations are OPEN.

Applications open on SATURDAY, MARCH 7th!

Game opens for play on SATURDAY, MARCH 14th!

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