February 28th, 2009

  • grygon

gimme prompts- Cloud or Kadaj pairings

My Cloud muse is talking up a storm, but I haven't written any fic by myself in a while so I'm dry on ideas.

Help a writer out?

Fill this out for me and I'll do my best. Most will probably be drabbles, but some might be flash fic.

I write Cloud pairings best, but I also love to write Kadaj. I will pair them with anyone you wish. 3somes welcome. Inanimate objects welcome. Simple musings welcome (always do like to try and write in-character philosophy or out-of-character meta).

Pairing: (or object/musing/meta)
Max rating: I will (try to) write anything. Seriously. PG up to NC-17, no limits.
Kink: (if any)
Word prompt:
Anything else:

I am also open to anyone who might want to try a little RPG. Hit me up at grygon@gmail.com (again, I write Cloud or Kadaj best, and will pair them with almost anyone)
madchen amick


I've finally gotten around to creating a DA account and uploading most of my artworks onto it. If you have a DA account, please feel free to drop by and say hello. Conversation, comments and constructive criticism are always more than welcome.

dnatio on deviantart

The following are the fandoms which are represented there, and a preview of some of the artworks I've uploaded:

1. Final Fantasy 7/Advent Children:

2. One Piece:

3. Hellsing: