February 10th, 2009

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In a town surrounded and built on water, how sturdy is the foundation? After decades of the water lapping away at stone and wood, how steady can the existence of life and the people living in this town be called? Like humans are born and mature, how was this town built and how does it continue to grow?

Lighthouses can be found surrounding the water town, some seen like any other structure, but there is one lighthouse that stands above the rest and another lighthouse that can only be seen at night.

When a person has any kind of desire--be it longing, a goal, or something else--what is it they are seeking? What does it mean to perceive? What is each individual's reality? What is the truth that leads to no satisfaction?

A town connected by canals and two trains, a town surrounded by water, a town where traveling to different districts means crossing lonely bridges with abandoned places. What is it is about this town that calls out to your heart?