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02 March 2008 @ 08:12 pm
Title: Sweetest Downfall

Author: Neldluva (rockininlasgalen@yahoo.com)

Rating: NC17 overall

Length: more than 25,000 words and counting … this chapter = 2564

Pairings: Cloud/Elena, implied past Cloud/Tifa, one-sided Elena/Tseng, past Zack/Cloud, implied Tseng/Rufus (yes, confusing, I know … most of these pairings don’t show up until later, and most are only in passing)

Warnings: explicit heterosexual acts including oral, bondage, whatever other kinky things come into my head; hints of homosexual activity

Summary: Is it really such a bad thing to get involved with someone who was once your enemy? And what if you just can’t let go of your past?

Author’s note: This is one of my favorite chapters. Cloud is so, so broken.

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