January 20th, 2008

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The Turks and and Ex-Turk

Ok this has been bugging me for days and no matter where I search on the net i can not find an answer so i though I'd head for a collective hive of FFVII fans who might know.

Vincent Valmentine was a Turk before he was shot and experimented on by Hojo and Lucrecia Moon. I think I read somewhere that he ended up being listed as MIA and that Hojo had told the Turks Vinny had just left mysteriously... and it might have had something to do with "discovering the truth about his father" (the whole Gilmore Valentine 'died' in the lab after a unexpected event that Lucrecia witnessed - thus why she kept apologising. Can anyone cofirm this or tell me other wise??

Now this is my main focus here: Who knows that Vincent is an Ex-Turk... and I mean in the game + after (eg. Tifa, Cloud... not you people. XDD ) ??? I mean, Vincent doesn't have much interaction with the Turks or Rufus Shinra other than maybe seeing each other as far as I can remember (the most contact i know of is when Vin rescues Tseng and Elena from the SHM in AC), so does anyone know?? 

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