December 27th, 2006

Cloud Tries Hard
  • ahvia

Gold Saucer on the go?

Hey guys! I have a question.

Is Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding still available for mobile phones?

I just got a new phone today, and I have a free trial month of VCast, but I cannot find any mention of FFVII:Snowboarding on the Vcast website, nor can I find any info on the internet that says it's been delisted. I called Verizon to ask if it had been removed and the lady had no idea what I was even talking about. It came out in 2005, but I was really hoping it was still around somewhere. I know zip about mobile phone games, so if anyone knows where I can download this for a LG VX8300, you would make my day!

I'm dying to have mobile snowboarding even though it's probably terrible. ;_;

crossposted in my quest for answers~