December 11th, 2006

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Cosplay Video: Living with the Turks

Here's the deal, Amber, my little cousin Meleah, and I did a kinda prologue to an online mini-series we're thinking of making, even if the footage is kinda low quality.
It's cosplay, as Reno, Vincent, and Tseng. [which is what all these mini episodes will be about]
It's Titled, Living With The Turks.
[Yes, I know Vincent is anEXturk]
Anyways, this prologue is a few clips of footage that we tested out, and some pics to music.
[PS: I play Tseng]

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Angry Zack

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can get some FFVII ring tones? You know the ringtone Loz has.

I found one site, but I don't really want to subscribe to something just to get one ringtone.

Thanks in advance.