December 8th, 2006

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FIC: Cock It and Pull It - NC-17

TITLE: Cock It and Pull It
AUTHOR: anansay
FANDOM: Final Fantasy
WORDS: 3,800+
RATING: NC-17 (thematic elements)
GENRE: Drama. A small dollop of angst.
WARNING: elements of torture.
DISCLAIMER: Not my characters. They belong to Square Enix.
ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: This author is not responsible for underage readers. Please observe the ratings, warnings, and age of legal consent for your country. Fanfiction posted in this journal is rated by the author following the indications of Motion Picture Association's film ratings.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: A “little” something wherein I try to delve in Reno’s back-story a bit. Not for the faint at heart. And I need to thank cold_poet for the title—she has the best ideas for titles; from a song in which the lyrics were “Loaded God-complex, Cock it and pull it” which I think relates to Reno rather well. -GRIN-
ARCHIVING: Just let me know where.
BETA: cold_poet, who helped me feel good about this piece.

SUMMARY: Reno is not the type of person to forgive, or forget.

( Cock It and Pull It )
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A Pre-FFVII:Before Crisis RPG

The war with Wutai is going badly for Shin-Ra Electric Power Company.
The last hope in winning the war are the elite fighters and spies known as the Turks.
Sabotage and conspiracy are common in these times of war, death and corruption.
Wutai's reply was the Shihai.
Story/Rules/Taken Chars - Application

It's currently just starting, and we're looking for players!
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