November 9th, 2006

FF7 RenoReno Song
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Steve Staley (Kadaj VA)

I got this off the voice_actor_appreciation yahoogroup- a member is doing voice over ipodcasts for voice overs to talk about their experiences and the very first one feature's Kadaj's voice over so I thought I'd share...

"Week 1's Guest is Steve Staley (Neji in Naruto, Kadaj in Final Fantasy
7: Advent Children.

Here's the iTunes feed:"

and btw, as I haven't listened to it myself yet, is one required to pay for podcasts? I have an ipod, just recently bought, and when I clicked that link it opened my itunes store so I shut the window
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Title: Innocence
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,200
Pairing: Lucrecia/Vincent
Summary: Scientists and guns are an interesting mix, and Vincent Valentine is just too soft.
Notes: Because I wanted to write Lucrecia going mad in her own, subtle way. I haven't played DoC, so this may contradict anything other than original game canon

And so stubborn Lucrecia Crescent raised the gun to her jaw, cocked the hammer back with her thumb and wrapped a finger around the trigger.