November 7th, 2006


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This goes out to the rp-ers, who are looking for opportunities to let their muses play.

3citiesrp is a sci-fi flavored AU RP; it includes characters from FF6, FF7, FF7AC, FF7BC, FF8, FF9, KHI, II & CoM, and Xenogears. We have a few characters already, and we're expecting more but there are a special few, who weren't taken yet and we need them desperately. The list includes:

- the crueles, meanest Hojo there ever was
- Sephiroth, preferrably with pre!Nibelheim!Barbecue personality (Cloud and Zack are waiting...)
- Tseng (He's expected to screw the president. Or let the prez screw him.)
- more Turks
- Aeris (we'd like her to be a Cetran culture specialist)

The game is completely slash, het and yuri friendly, and quite serious - the crack's kept at the minimum. Naturally, other characters not yet taken will be welcomed, too; the more chars we have, the more interesting the plots will be.

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