October 2nd, 2006

More The Sims 2 stuff

I found these while going through modthesims2.com again.

Perfect Cloud Hair Mesh (needs recolored, unless you like the oldschool Cloud look :P)

Vincent Hair Mesh

This one reminds me of Turk!Vincent

Tseng-like Hair (seems a bit short for him though)

(and there's a Sora and Riku hair too)

There is a few FF7ish things I made too. Tifa's AC movie eyes, which are much more brown-gold than the reddish ones she has in FF7, and Jenova's glowy eyes. The Jenova eyes didn't come out too well, but they're all right. Tifa's eyes has brown dominant traits and Jenova's has green.
(Note: I call Tifa's eyes Forest Doe Brown because I uploaded them on a sims2 site)

Also, a question:

What kind of stories do you guys make up with your Sims 2 FF characters?

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