September 29th, 2006

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Apologies if you see this -- uhm. Twice?

But I really should attempt to keep my pimp hand somewhat in shape. It's short, succinct, and to the point, for yeys.


The name is very much not creative. For ease of... understanding! Not because I suck at that sort of thing haha. ...But ignore my inherent stupidity and join and stuff. Not that I don't enjoy my own company immensely, just... for ♥ of the pairing, really.

Also seeking affiliates. Please apply within! :D
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Hi peoples... z0rz.

I am requesting something really important, and would like as many people as I can get to help me. Why? Because I'm lazy. :D Not to mention I'm pretty unresourceful. It will also help show off your awesome searching skills, since I'm looking for things.

I am looking for any very large or otherwise very innovative sites that have huge amounts or datbases of ShinRa, or otherwise Midgar, information? Yesnomaybe? Please help me? :D

All I ask is that you not tell me places like Google or Wikipedia, since I've already found my cache of information there. I'm simply looking for something else, thanks.

And help will be helpful, and I appreciate you.

Cross-posted to ff7 (or will be eventually)
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Fic Update!

Title: A Turkish high School
Rating: R [sexual situations]
Summary: Take a trip back in time, what if there's a highschool in midgar where teenagers attend? what if you could see the now fabulous Turks now in their awkward stages for their High School years? A story on one school year and a look into the Turk's lives before they were Turks. some things change, while others stay the same.

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I have a request of y'all. I'm working on a series of pixel dolls of my favorite Final Fantasy girls and I need some good quality, decent sized screenshots of Shalua from Dirge of Cerberus and I was wondering if any of you could help.

Much thanks in advance if you can!


Final Fantasy MIX! ^^
click to see the  bigger pic! (1024x768)

Enjoy video!

Cloud x Aerith
Cloud x Tifa
Squall x Rinoa
Garnet and Zidane
Yuna x Tidus
Lenne x Shuyin
Vaan Penelo Ashe
Sora x Kairi

Video - here

PS feel free do delet if it's not allowed