September 22nd, 2006

  • yrena

FF7/AC The Sims 2 skins

As I was doing some Sims2 surfing on I've been coming across these AC character skins. Since people request them a lot on here, and since MTS2 is free, you just have to make an account to download them, I thought compiling a list for those who don't want to search through a billion other skins would make things easier.



Cloud: - included with Squall - looks like it'd be a good hair mesh for Cloud - another hairmesh.. though it's flipped
You'd think that there would be more good overall spikey hair for men, o.O unfortunately, the men's sections (and everything other than adult) are always woefully underdeveloped compared to the women's (adult) section.


SHM: - Loz - Yazoo - all of them

Turk stuff: - Reno's face marks - the original turks - better hair mesh for Reno

I included this because it was just too awesome: - Yuna in her wedding dress

Please note: This is simply a list for those who don't want to go running around for them, I did NOT make any of them in ANY way whatsoever.

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