September 20th, 2006

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i'd like to introduce you my new icon and the one that won "Best Text" in an icon contest XD and show you other icons


Final Fantasy [4]
Wolf's Rain [3]
Dir en Grey [7]
Bleach [2]
Chobits [2]

I think i'm not so good at icon making - but it's just fun for me ^^
as usual credit if use = thanx ^^

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♦ Final Fantasy 7 (remember her)

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Title: Parallel Lines (1/10)
Author: snarky_kat
Rating: PG (subject to change)
Characters: Cloud, Zack, Tseng
Note: This fic is, oddly enough, completely gen. No pairings. A first for me. It's about radically changing Cloud's life and keeping him in character. A challenge I'm willing to take. All I ask is that people are willing to give it a shot. =)

Failure was the dreaded seven letter word that had haunted Cloud since he was a child.
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