September 10th, 2006

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Ficlet! =]

Title: A Turkish high School
Rating: G [could become R in the future]
Summary: Take a trip back in time, what if there's a highschool in midgar where teenagers attend? what if you could see the now fabulous Turks now in their awkward stages for their High School years? A story on one school year and a look into the Turk's lives before they were Turks. some things change, while others stay the same.

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Author's Note:
This idea came about between my two cousins suspense0520 and yenmi_musho when we were walking home from school. It started out as a joke because we're cosplaying the Turks this year, and when yenmi put my glasses on Spencer asked, What is Reno were a nerd? Still sexy but had glasses and kind of nerdy in high School? We all spiraled off with idea from there. Yenmi and I decided fanart should be drawn, and we'd do that. but then the idea of a fanfic came to mind.
And this this fanfic came about.
The High School shall be based mostly on our's. [AJHS(apache junction high school)]
The idea is to give a different view on the character and how they could have been when in school. so if we portray these characters in a slight different manner, i hope y'all won't mind. It is before they became who they are now after all.
But yah, enjoy!
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