September 3rd, 2006

Knife Jack

AMV for j00~

Hello~ *big wave*

I come bearing an AMV for DoC because I'm cool like that. Now, I know this's probably been done before but I really wanted to make an AMV to Redemption. So behold.

It's the only DoC video you'll ever need. [Here~]

Blame any craptacular quality on YouTube. :O
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24 x KAT-TUN
2 x Text icons (KAT-TUN)
20 x NEWS
1 x Arashi (Jun Matsumoto)
3 x Kanjani8 (Subaru Shibutani)
1 x Mika Nakashima
1 x Rie Fu
1 x W (Ai Kago)
21 x SS501
12 x Miyavi
10 x An Cafe
4 x HYDE
3 x Ayumi Hamasaki
1 x Hiroki Narimiya
4 x SID
2 x Gazette (The GazettE)
1 x Plastic Tree (Ryutaro Arimura)
7 x Ashlee Simpson
29 x Final Fantasy
5 x Death Note
2 x Evangelion
Total: 155 icons



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