September 1st, 2006

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I remember a little while back, someone posted about Cloud's sword, which led to the site... And while the article was only written to explain the drawings given by Square-Enix of Cloud's sword, they didn't think of it themselves.

So I was wondering... Remember that wicked awesome gun Rufus pulled out of his butt jacket when falling to his doom and Kadaj too? Riiight... was wondering if anyone was willing to make\had made a detailed explanation like that person had about his gun. You know... like how it flips out like that, shoots only one barrel (but has two), etc. etc...

bumble ball

Just another art post...

Anyways, I drew this as a commission... And well... the person who commissioned this pissed me off by saying that this was not good... And that this was not how he had wanted it cause they're not fighting and there's no blood sweat or gore in it.

And he simply said that he wanted "Cloud and Sephiroth standing with their swords". Nothing more, nothing less... So I took the meaning into my own hands and did as he said.


After 3 hours of torture... (I normally finish a drawing within 30 minutes at most.) Torture from lack of memory of what their outfits looked like and how big their weapons were... And Cloud's constant being weird looking to me. @_@ (I've never taken anatomy, and I've hardly ever worked with males. I normally draw females.)

I know their heads are too big. But I am too pissed off to fix it after what the butthead said to me after I showed this to him.

But anyways, I'm thinking about just finish this and see if anyone wants to buy a print of it off my hands... And I'd like opinions. Also, reference pictures of their outfits would be nice if possible. I can't seem to find my copy of Advent Children anywhere. Please and thank you!

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