August 25th, 2006

Story Time!

Okay. Here's the back story:
A bunch of friends and I went to Connecticon2006, this past summer. We did this whole performance thing and whatnot. During rehearsals, I blew out my knee, and had to wear a brace just to walk. At the con, I was racing Reno up the down escalator, and tripped, fell on my bad knee. (<- Why Tseng is injured.)
Shortly after that, The Struggle for Jenova took place.

The following story is based on true events. As told through my own POV (Tseng.)
It's a lot of craziness, but people tell it's a good read, even if you weren't there. ^_^

Click me for the story!

The Struggle for Jenova
By Dawns_Wings
Warnings: mild language, mild violence, and implied man-loving XD
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fuck you chelios

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In response to lady_yuna16's post, I want to ask you all (and Square, too), why the hell did the translators get the idea to turn Cait Sith into a Scottish feline right now? Don't get me wrong: Cait Sith is from Scottish\Irish folklore (a witch who could turn into a cat to pass by witchunters, etc.), but it's sort of helpful to go along with the translation of the game, no? To me, Cait Sith's voice (not Reeve's) is a hick, backwater type Texan accent. Why, oh why, did they decide to change it now, and make it so we can barely understand him?

</end rant>

Also, I wanted to ask you people who've played Dirge of Cerberus this: Did they actually call him "cait sith" like I've heard, or did they pronounce it right and call him "ket shee"?
cosplay 2

My interview with Cait Sith actor

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to share that I recently interviewed actor Greg Ellis; the voice of Cait Sith for my website. My site is devoted to Bratz dolls but being a Final Fantasy fan girl (and cosplayer), we also talked about Cait Sith and Crisis Core as well as Tomb Raider and Pirates of the Caribbean. He's a cool guy, here's a link:
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