August 18th, 2006

President Rufus Shinra
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Thank you

I wanted to thank nanakibh for beta reading my fic Shinra Inc. domoaregato and I have started a forum for FF7, FF8, and DMC3 role playing it's 1 on 1 so if some one took your idea make a re post of it and invite your friend to it check it out here's the link yo!

see you there X3
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Sir Sephiroth and the Witch Trial

I bring thee crack!fic. Not sure if it counts as a crossover or not, but several idle hours and Monty Python and the Holy Grail are responsible for it.

Title: Sir Sephiroth and the Witch Trial
Characters: The noble Sir Sephiroth and his *ahem* companion, Sir Zachary; the alleged witch, Aeris Gainsborough; one Cloud Strife, village idiot; Tifa Lockhart, the busty tavern wench and the unwashed rabble (ie Barret, Cid and Reno).
Word Count: 1564
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Monty Python AU, utter nonsense and groping.
Summary: A young woman accused of witchcraft is fortunately happened upon by two knights who have their heads on their shoulders and their hands on other things entirely.

'My mother was no hamster,' Sir Sephiroth declared, 'She was a mutant space virus, and as for my father smelling of elderberries, the only person I know who smelt of elderberries was... Oh God, no!'