August 17th, 2006



I don't think I've posted in this community before, but I've been lurking for a long time. XD
So I decided it was time for me to un-lurk for a bit and contribute something, the something being some fanart.

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Hope you enjoy! 8D
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DOC experience

DOC is fun, I suck at shooters but it's still cool. I'm doing the tutorial. Ok sorry for the pointlessness of it. I bought one copy then when I tried it out it wouldn't play, my other games played on it. So I took it back, my friend was there and he gave me another copy. He said that somehow new games wouldn't work on old ps2. That would have sucked it I had to buy a new ps2. The graphics are sexy. Being a turk is fun... and Shinra will not be accounted for injuries or death.
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