August 13th, 2006

  • anc_q


i think somebody decided that i have nothing to do but to sit at the computer and make such stupid things XD oh no of course! i have what to do XD i just have a rest making smth - it's very interesting and pleasant for me ^_^

well, today i specialize in wallpapers! XD i think it's time to add some touching things! 
CloudxTifa! Squeeeee!!!!!! ^__________^ love them!!!!!!!
so i used 6 pics and my imagination ^_^ hope you like it too ^_-

FLOWER wallpaper
  • yrena

Rude Love!

On behalf of ijuintekka-sama, I am pimping this AC music video starring.. Rude!

Title: Ravishing Rude
Music: Ravishing Rick Rude by World Championship Wrestling
Footage: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Warnings: Mild sex references, <.< and yeah, it's on YouTube.
Quality: Pure genius!

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