August 12th, 2006

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Do I annoy you already? XD
one more thing for today.
it's Wallpaper
Theme 'Heaven'
i've just finished it. I used 3 images from FF 7 AC Cloud, town and flowers, the rest is only my imagination ^_^ and i made him the top of his hair (they were cut) and also i made the expression of his face a bit more pathetic... so i hope you like ^_^

...TO THE HEAVEN (wallpaper)
my kind of cactuar

FIC! And. Erm. Me.

So I lurk. I'm good at that. I've been doing it for months and we've all got on spandy nice. Enough so that I thought "hey... I wanna contribute! :3!" 'Course up until recently I didn't really have anything to contribute so I suppose that bit's justified but... shrug, in any case...

Artwork first, I suppose. Preview. (Apologies for the bad photos, I mean to get them scanned soon.)
And more.

And then fic, the little I've written of it. ^_^;
Current WIP for thirtyforthree: Cosplay.
Summary: S/C/Z/A Pre-Nibelheim. Once in a very long while, the soldier boys get a day off... together. There's only one place they could be. And when it comes to Zack and Aeris coming up with ways to pass the time, you can bet it'll involve fluff, feathers and pointy black cat ears.

Reno/Rude fic/drabbles done for 30_dates
Summary: Because when it comes to the Turks, you've got to be a little unconventional about your dating habits. Especially when it comes to Reno.
( All of them linked to and listed here. )

Then there's the mercverse stuff.
Summary: What I think happens when the boys are AU mercenaries and Chaos and Vincent are twins. (there's art in there too)
( All linked to and listed here. )

Sun's out now, which means I could either sleep or start drawing again. Zack's been begging for some love.
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