August 9th, 2006

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Advent Children Comic

Hi all! I've change my userpic but it's still ME!!! AnC_Q! And i also brought you some fanart.
Well, today i've got something like picture comic? about 20 pics from the movie. Have a good time ^^ and some of my new icons uncluding my new one. (use=credit)

Soooo, here you can find COMIC AND ICONS!!!
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Awhile back soulwalkingsoul made a request for someone to make a music vid to the song "Roses" by Poets of the Fall. Well, after the whole creative process (that went  on a lunch break durring this thing) and a tragic Premiere crash that caused me to have to start from scratch, this thing finally came into being.

Music: "Roses" by Poets of the Fall
Author: Kryren
Link: Posted on youtube

Also, This was done as a test to make sure everything was working after I had to reinstall Premiere. It's 4 seconds of pure crack, and has a rather dirty word in it, so be forwarned, not really worksafe.

Let's play some Tetris

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[15] Bleach
[24] Final Fantasy (listed by number, then the things like AC and TA)
[06] Kingdom Hearts
[09] Misc. (Tales of Symphonia, Breath of Fire, Legend of Zelda, Spirited Away, Stock)

Total= [54] Icons


1. 2.

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