August 7th, 2006

Advent Children :: Kadaj emo hair!

An annoying heads up.

Has anyone else noticed that new RPGs are going to desperate measures to try and get new members?

I just got an annoying IM from an IceySelphie (which two seconds of search resulted in icey_aerith here on LJ), asking if I wanted to play at a FF/KH RPG. I told her no and it was an extremely rude way to advertise.

And it IS. Kids, please don't IM people randomly on LJ for members on your games. It's dumb, obnoxious, and rude. Stop it.
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MST3K - Did you see my butt?

New video

Do you like Advent Children? Of course you do. >.>

Do you like Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Quite possibly.

Do you like Space Mutiny? Uh, hopefully. >.>

If your answers to the above are all yes, you might enjoy this new music video I churned out:

We Put Our Faith In Blast Hardcheese Cloud Strife

If not, then the video might not make quite as much sense (though I tried to make it funny anyway)... but this will be easily rectified by you all going out, finding the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version of Space Mutiny on DVD, and watching it. Trust me, it will be time well spent. ^_^ Or look it up on YouTube, there are some montages. And please watch my video anyway. ;_;
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