August 3rd, 2006

  • anc_q

End Of All Hope VIDEO!

Music: Nightwish "End of All Hope"
Video: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Author: AnC_Q

Hope you'll enjoy it.
As for me i just love the last 5 seconds when Cloud turns his head and see Sephiroth and the sounds of music are sooo matches!! That's for me of course. What will your opinion? ^_^

link to the video

the words of the song are significant. You can find it
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  • yrena

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Randomy question: Is there an TsengxElena community out there? Seriously? Because I was looking through the FF7 related interests yesterday.. and didn't find any.

I know it wasn't a really popular couple back in the day, aside from almost being canon, but it seems like more people are writing for them/drawing stuff lately.

If there isn't any... I'm gonna make one..

Edit: now there is one! zerena
Obviously it's new, and needs some fixing up. ♫
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Erm, newbie here. I've only posted here once, I think. XD Anyway, first icon post ever, so do take my efforts at creativity with a pinch of salt. :P These are done for cloud_smiles omnichallenge. ^^ Also done for Cloud's upcoming birthday! *pauses to throw rice all over room*

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fuck you chelios
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Is it just me, or did Rufus pretty much do a move like this?:

Kadaj: *gets angry and shoots magic!*
Rufus: I'm the president! I am smart! I'm gonna dodge this magic... BY FALLING OFF THIS BUILDING!!! Wheeeee! Turks, catch me!

Didn't it just seem so... like that?