August 2nd, 2006

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Hi all again! This time i brought you not a COMIC or a SKETCH
here's my ICONS!
Final Fantasy VII AC(8) and DC(1)
i use 1 2 4 9
can my new icon be as a teaser ^_-

and also just GIF files
Final Fantasy VII AC(3) and DC(2) and also KH(1)

Hope you'll like them ^_^ Enjoy!

and the last thing credit if you use

Collapse )
Sephiroth AC - DDR

Kadaj fans, take a look...

... I think you might like this video that I made. ^^

So what if Kadaj wasn't really the bad guy Nomura said he was? What if, deep down, he was just trying to reach out to the troubled youth of Edge... Denzel, Moogle Girl, and Cloud? What if there was a place for them to go, a place that would help them get back on their feet? And what if Kadaj and his three silver haired buddies were willing to help them get there... with a song?

The answer? A parody that probably should NEVER have been made. XD

Not sure if this is as good as my previous work, Tifa Got Back, but I hope it may amuse you all a little. ^_^
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