July 27th, 2006


RP pimping ^^

I need brave players for a new RP.

It's a multifandom alternate universe (sci-fi setting), including FFVI-FFIX (including AC and BC), all Kingdom Hearts games and Xenogears. The story takes place on the recently colonized planet Esper. Here, the native inhabitants and the colonists battle sometimes; in the vast jungles, there are ancient ruins hiding both breathtaking loot and yet nameless monsters. The three cities, Ultima, Meteor and Omni want to survive, just like the natives - who will win? Come, and discover the secrets, be a city guard, a mercenary, or even a member of the Native Resistance!

Because of the AU setting, you are allowed to tweak the characters' background a little, but not until they become OOC. Seph won't be all cheery-happy, Laguna won't be a mass murderer and Zidane won't be cutting his wrists regularly.

The game will be most probably mature-themed, including the usual stuff and, certainly, smut. We're both yaoi, yuri AND het friendly, so there's enough for everybody.

If I managed to pique your interests, please check out the 3citiesrp userinfo. If you have a question, use the FAQ, or IM me at ladyokami.

Hope to see you soon!