July 25th, 2006

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Hey guys. I'm... sort of new to this community... Been watching more than anything else. But now I am posting. Completely at random. Enjoy the randomness!

But as it is three o'clock in the morning, and I have been batch editing various pictures, and (not surprisingly) veered off of work, I made an AC Friends Only banner, for those who keep their journals in that private state.
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fuck you chelios
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fanart is f-u-n!

I come bearing fanart gifts! Not that many. They're mostly big and made with Microsoft Paint program. Because hey — that's all I got over here, man. And, of course, they're all chibi style, since I can't do serious drawings on the computer. But yeah, since it's so large, I can't just show you, so you'll have to click the links, okay? :D



Kadaj summoning Bahamut SIN

Sorry about the Kadaj + Bahamut SIN one. I messed up on his arm, and then I when I realised it, it already looked too good to change. ;\ And PhotoBucket made it small.... I'll be making mousie!Yazoo probably to-day... I don't want to make it too cute, though, so I'll be taking my time. XD