July 24th, 2006

Emperor//made by antyllus

Advertising and Icons

Hey guys~. :D I'm new to the community but certainly not new to the Final Fantasy or Advent Children fandom. ^^

Anyway, I'm posting for two reasons, the first being some advertising~! Currently I play Kadaj over at two fantastic RP'S, i_s_l_a_n_d_rp and tabloid_rp. They are both multi-fandom, but they're very active, tons of fun, and there's a fairy good amount of AC characters at Island, room for tons more at Tabloid. Personally I would LOVE a Rufus for Kadaj to play with because we totally need one. At both RP's no less. XD; I think over at Island it still lists us as having a Rufus, but I was talking to the person yesterday and they DID in fact drop him for another character, and the list hasn't been updated in a while because there's so many apps and whatnot. ^^

But anyway, a good selection of AC characters more at Tabloid and a handful still up at Island. Someone apply and I'll love you forever. <3

Annnd I also bring icons, so this post doesn't seem too hopeless! Which I x-posted a while back the AC icon community, but that's okay. XD; I think.

[19 Kadaj Icons]

They're all Kadaj because for some reason he is the only character I can make icons for? More realistically, the only character I had decent caps for at the time. XD;

Anyway, uh, yeah! *runs away now*