July 22nd, 2006

Ash Tree Lane

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 Because I really like the way this turned out, (and In an attempt to lure some more art out of Wyna Hiros...) 

Category: Fan Art
Character: Vincent Valentine.
Tools: Pencil a scanner, and Photoshop.
Warnings: Semi-bare chest, Blood.

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Rapps has nothing on this.

This.. has no words.  Not anymore. But I had to share.

Warning: Don Corneo related, it will burn your brain. Don't worry though, it IS work safe though. Kinda. It'll just leave scars in your psyche that will never heal. XD Seriously, I'm warning you, unless you want to have a mental image that will last forever, don't click!

*sticks fork into eye* >_o an all I said was I wanted a fan art of good ol' Corny...

Too bad he couldn't be in AC. That would have been much <3

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