July 19th, 2006

Viridity RPG Advert!

Hi there! I'm really sorry if this is out of place or offtopic but I wanted to advertise a new rpg me and my friend have made! It's yaoi-friendly and Final Fantasy VII-centric! We're looking for new members who are actively yaoi/shounen-ai/slash friendly! If you want to know more, please read on!


It's far too easy to take for granted the turning of the wheel of life. It's far from our thoughts that it could possibly be a falliable system, or indeed that there might be a cycle within the cycle itself. A cycle of which the next phase has just been triggered..

Viridity is an original-universe crossover rpg based around Square-Enix games with a very deep premediated storyline. We're story-centric which means that planned events will be enforced to keep the game's pace and movement and make sure that everyone gets involved and noone gets left behind for too long. We don't have very strict rules but require that you stick to the ones we have outlined, and just have fun :)

Viridity was all they were aware of when they woke up - enshrouding greenness. Vibrant, living green. Innocence of their place, innocence of their purpose, inexperience of the way of this strange existence they found themselves thrust into. Many of them appeared changed, not quite what they thought they were but somehow more than they imagined themselves to be..

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So come and join us! We're sexy!
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Hullo my lovelies.

I hope everyone's summer is going well. I really wanted to do a meet, but the money situation is sad and pitiful. ;-; But maybe you guys'll see each other during cons and what not. If so, do post about your experiences!



Also, one last thing. Totally offtopic, but my girlfriend started a community dedicated to Poppy Z. Brite and her book, Exquisite Corpse. If you're interested, here's the linky.


And that's all. I hope everyone's doing well. Wish I had more to report. ;_;

Much love,

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Unofficial FF7 Card Game

It all started when my cousin and I saw an AMV for Advent Children to Pokemon music. I thought that it would be great! Pokemon and FF7 were meant to join. Well today we were talking about it and decided, we were bored and a card game should be established! So on the way to my house and back we talked over all the plans and we created our own little FF7 card game.
We designed these little cards and made rules. And I figure, why not share it? We have alot of cards so I'm not going to be posting all of them, but I shall be posting the rules&how to play, along with some sample cards! ^^
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 And now for some cards!
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