July 18th, 2006

Hot mother FU$&#@!

Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children Fan Fics

I wrote my first fan fiction for final fantasy 7 its called Shinra Inc. Its a yaoi of Reno and Rufus so if you like it check it out at adultfanfiction.net the first 2 chaps are up I'm still working on the 3rd one so i'm hoping that I will be done with it today. I'm also new here a LJ so if you could help me out understanding this it would be very much obliged (Helpful)so thanx ;)

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Momma Vincent!?

So my friend and I were doing a little RPing... (Crack RPing at that.) And the idea of Vincent and Reno babysitting popped up, and it amused me so much I had to draw it. Thus, Mommy!Vin and Daddy!Reno.

(Pssst, it's a stick figure doodle. xD)

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