July 6th, 2006

in the water i remain

Warning: Newcomer

Hello - I've lurked here for some time, before I created a LJ, and now that I do have one I decided it was time to actually join this community.  Um.  Yes.  My love of FFVII and Advent Children gives me no skill with LJ mechanics, so if I should ever screw up with something of that sort (such as on this post, for instance), go ahead and blame it on my newbie-ness.

But wait!  I come with a peace offering - that is, a music video set to "Holy Water" by Big & Rich.  Yes, this is country o.o;  It's mostly a Tifa tribute.  It's also my first music video, so I apologize if it's not quite up to par?  I tried xD;

.>:], awsum

ID card

I recently got a job (a sucky one)... So, to help not make every waking moment i'm at hell my job hateful, i did a little custom punch-out card work.. It still retains is functions of clocking my hours... but it brings a little satisfyed geek-smile to my face every morning.
Image and info behind the cut, yo.
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