July 1st, 2006

Hey AMV People...

I don't know if you guys take requests at all...but I found a song that would make an awesome AMV for Advent Children. It brings to mind mostly Cloud, but its got potential for a broad range of scenes from the movie. If nothing else, it's a suggestion?

You can find the lyrics here.

I can also send you the song if anyone would like.

There is also a link on their site to request permission to use their songs if you like.

If anyone does make an AMV from this...let me know, ok? :)
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RedXIII FanArts

Well, the people down over at DeviantArt didn't like it all too much, but maybe you guys will X3.
RedXIII fanarts, because the little guy gets no love... no love at all.

Click on the thumbnail for the full view over at dA. That is all.

RedXIII Redux

RedXIII, FFVII, no rating