June 27th, 2006

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Just a quick little thing :)

I'm teaching myself how to use flash, and made a quick flash about Reno and Axel (from Kingdom hearts)... I had fun making it, so maybe you guys'll enjoy it too. :) Spoiler free for both FF7 and KH2.

Posted on deviantart~!

Sorry for the small size, I didn't realize how zoomed in I was. n___n;;

Also crossposted to several places, sorry if you see it a bunch of times!

Yet another AMV

A trailer AMV I just made last week. One that's recieved a lot of good hits and I'm very proud of:

Final Fantasy VII - The Last Stand (AMV.org version)
Final Fantasy VII - The Last Stand (YouSendIt version)

The trailer audio is from the X-Men - The Last Stand second trailer. The video footage is from Advent Children. Somehow, I got all of this to work fluidly in this AMV.

Here's the cast in the trailer:

Wolverine - Cloud Strife
Storm - Tifa Lockheart
Magneto - Kadaj
Professor Charles Xavier - Rufus Shinra
Beast - Reno
Angel - Vincent Valentine
Iceman - Denzel
Mystique - Yazoo
Jean Grey - Aeris Gainsborough

I can't remember the character that I had Marlene do the voice for, but I do remember she played somewhat of a vital role in the film.

I hope you people here in the community find this enjoyable!!!
sticks, figures drawn by me

In which I blather on..

I updated my screencap gallery again. o_o The weird thing is I don't remember uploading them... I use the publish to webpage feature, and I tried canceling it after 12 pictures. it crashed, and I thought that was the end of it.. For some reason all 331 caps are up o_O;;; Weird.

Anyway, I took caps of the intro (Nanaki gets no love) and up until the title appears by Cloud. I meant it when I said someone needs to cap the movie good.
I split the gallery into separate scene galleries, because 400 pics is a lot to manage in one..

The full size link will get you images of about 960x540. The quality doesn't come much sharper than that, either.. drats them for blurring the frames!
Now I'm going off to cap some more, I was going to do the uploading today.. XD; oops
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